Consulting and Surveys

Our principal surveyor, Mr. James Cote BSEE, has over thirty-five years experience working on motor and sailing yacht electrical systems and has performed hundreds of electrical surveys and inspections. During his last twenty years as the principal electrical engineer at Ward's Marine Electric he has supervised dozens of technicians performing thousands of surveys, writing virtually all of the survey reports throughout this time frame. 
He has memberships in the American Boat and Yacht Council, NACE International, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, International Association of Marine Investigators, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, National Association of Fire Investigators, and National Fire Protection Association.
Mr. Cote is a recognized expert on marine electrical and corrosion control systems and has great experience with European, South American, Asian, South African, and Middle Easterelectrical systems. He is a NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator and an ABYC Master Technician with certifications in electrical, corrosion, marine systems, diesel systems and gasoline systems. He sits on the following professional committees: NFPA 302: Fire Protection Standard for Pleasure and Motor Craft, NFPA 303: Fire Protection Standard for Marinas and Boatyards, ABYC Electrical PTC, Electrical Component PTC.*                                                                                                             *Holding a seat on these committees should not be construed as an endorsement by the NFPA or ABYC
Regardless of whether the vessel is new or pre-owned vessel, Cote Marine can survey the electrical systems and provide unbiased and detailed assessment of condition and recommended remedial action. His expertise in marine electrical, corrosion control, and lightning damage mitigation provides added value to a survey team. He often works alongside other surveyors where complicated or poorly documented electrical systems require the services of a qualified marine electrical expert.
Surveys can be performed to ABYC, NFPA, ABS, Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas, DNV, CFR (Coast Guard), or IEEE standards. Regardless of the standard targeted, we will always assess the safety, reliability, seaworthiness, and usability of the electrical systems.
Ask us about insulation resistance testing (a.k.a. megohm or megger testing) of your motors, generators and wiring runs.
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