Management & Oversight

Electrical system project management and installation oversight is one of our strengths at Cote Marine LLC. We can enhance your team's strengths, shore up any weaknesses in marine electrical or corrosion control, and help you bring out their greatest potential.

Electrical Engineering Degree + Masters in Business Administration 
 + 30 Years Marine Experience = Success of Your Marine Project
Virtually every system on the modern yacht, work boat or recreational vessel relies on well designed. properly installed, and adequately maintained electrical systems.
Mr. James Cote holds a baccalaureate in electrical engineering and a masters in business administration, with a specialty in operations management. His graduate level coursework was primarily focused on enhancing the quality of technical service operations and he is well acquainted with such techniques as service blueprinting and benchmarking as a means to enhance the quality and professionalism of employees, efficiency of operations, and relationships with stakeholders.

He has training and experience with AutoCad, Microsoft Project, Excel, Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, and Visio software applications.

Mr. Cote had been the service and engineering manager at Ward's Marine Electric for twenty years and in that capacity has supervised and managed numerous electrical system refit projects involving the simultaneous replacement and/or upgrade of several complex systems (generators, switchboards, HVAC, helm consoles, lighting, hydraulics, etc.)

Whether your needs include a quick cross check on your engineering team, additional oversight of your technicians, or the engineering and management of your entire marine electrical installation, Cote Marine has the skills and tools to enhance your team and improve your product.

We offer the solutions that fit your marine electrical needs. 

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