Summary of Qualifications for James Cote



Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering

Graduated with Honors

Master of Business Administration

Graduated with Highest Honors

American Boat and Yacht Council Master Technician

Marine Electrical, Marine Corrosion, Marine Systems, Advanced Electrical 

Diesel Engines, Gasoline Engines


International Association of Marine Investigators

Certified Marine Investigator

National Association of Fire Investigators

Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator

Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator

Certified Fire Investigation Instructor

Continuing Education

Attendance at countless training seminars sponsored by IBEX, IAMI, IAAI, SAMS, NACE, SNAME, NAFI, NFPA, Fort Lauderdale Mariners Club, Knox Marine Surveyors 

Marine Components

Trained in the operation and repair of various types of marine electrical equipment such as battery chargers, inverters, shore power equipment, switchboards, meters, ventilation systems, cathodic protection, alarm systems, digital switching, etc., 


Ten years experience as a marine electrician, marine electrical surveyor, corrosion surveyor and electrical draftsman

Twenty years experience as engineering and service manager, primary consultant, lead surveyor, technical writer and principal forensic investigator at the largest marine electrical service provider in Florida

Nine years as marine electrical surveyor, corrosion surveyor, forensic investigator, marine electrical/corrosion consultant and forensic investigator at Cote Marine LLC

Worked on marine electrical and corrosion investigations since 1991 participating in countless insurance claim investigations and over two hundred forensic investigations, having prepared numerous Rule 26 reports and given expert testimony both in deposition and at trial 

Compiled and prepared thousands of corrosion survey and electrical survey reports


Industry Recognized as an expert on marine electrical systems and corrosion control

Identified as a marine electrical or marine corrosion expert in Federal and State Court jurisdictions located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Texas

American Boat and Yacht Council Adjunct Instructor for Marine Electrical and Marine Corrosion Certifications

Presenter and Content Provider at seminars sponsored by IBEX, SAMS, IAMI, IAAI, NACE, Fort Lauderdale Mariner's Club and Knox Marine Surveyors 

American Boat and Yacht Council Electrical Project Technical Committee (Sub-Committee Memberships-Three Phase Systems [Chair], Lithium Ion Battery Bank, Lightning Surge Protection Devices [Chair] and Cathodic Protection [Chair])

American Boat and Yacht Council Electrical Component Project Technical Committee (Vice-Chair)

National Fire Protection Association 302 Committee: Fire Protection Standard for Pleasure and Commercial Motor Craft

National Fire Protection Association 303 Committee: Fire Protection Standard for Marinas and Boatyards

CV Available Upon Request